Connecting the African Mobile Ecosystem

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Last month, MEF hosted the fourth annual MEF Connects Africa during AfricaCom week in Cape Town, where MEF members and guests gathered to discuss the African mobile ecosystem an the opportunities and challenges it faces.
We asked some of the attendees for their take on the mobile situation in Africa and how they see the developing future of the ecosystem across some of the fastest growing markets in the world.

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Infographic: m-commerce is growing 300 per cent faster than e-commerce

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Mobile commerce is predicted to grow three times faster than e-commerce between 2013 and 2016, marking out mobile as the primary conversion channel for retailers.

At the same time, savvy retailers design their consumer experiences to include all online and offline touch-points, from desktop to mobile websites, apps and in-store as the consumer hops from one channel to another.

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The African mobile ecosystem, handsets, apps and mobile payments

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Smartphones are coming to the African continent and within a relatively short space of time will be the default way that consumers access a universe of digital services, yet with increased access there are more challenges for the mobile ecosystem.

Here Judah J. Levine, CEO at mobile finance and commerce specialist consulting firm Mondato discusses in more detail what those challenges are.

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Infographic: what’s next for Africa’s mobile economy?

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Mobile is making a major contribution to the African continent’s economy. This infographic explores seven trends that are driving that growth, from mobile health through to enabling local content.

MEF has also recently launched its MEF’s Regional eBulletin – Africa Edition, with insights from senior executives at Mahindra Comviva and Mondato as well as commentary from AppAfrica’s Andrew Fassnidge, African market stats and news analysis.

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Education focus: the tech experiment that could change learning forever

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Sugata Mitra couldn’t believe what happened when he left a computer in a slum: the children simply taught themselves. Now he is using his discoveries to revolutionise education.
How much can children learn when you just leave them alone?
It’s a question that’s been asked throughout the modern history of education – resulting in some famous experiments, like the free schools of the 1970s. These idealistic projects promised no compulsory lessons or indeed rules.

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Industry views: will consumers tap mobile payments this holiday season?

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Christmas is approaching and for most people that means one thing – lots of shopping. With schemes like Black Friday / Cyber Monday expected to smash all previous records, mobile payments have a significant role to play.

But beyond NFC payments the opportunity to engage consumers in loyalty and reward schemes, bring mPos in to play, check inventory etcetera, is helping position mobile right at the heart of an omni-channel retail

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