Weekly mobile news round-up 22nd July

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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world.

This week.. Japan buys ARM for $32 billion, Apple is making billions from Pokemon Go, China’s gamers are spending more on iOS than Americans, and much more.

Japan’s Softbank has agreed to acquire ARM Holdings, the giant U.K. semiconductor firm that supplies part of the chip design used in Apple iPhones, in a deal worth more than $32 billion, the companies announced on Monday.

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Would you like an app with your pint?

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Why should a bar owner take a punt on your mobile payment app if no customers are using it? A knotty problem. But still the startups come. Tim Green ponders a very overcrowded market…

I got a sobering email this week. It was from DropletPay, a British startup with an app for paying at local businesses.
The email effectively said: it’s the end – we’ve tried, but we can’t make it work.

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Spotlight on: Nazara

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Nazara is targeting India’s hundreds of millions of gamers with popular local IP and the best global brands. But it also has ambitious global plans. In our continuing Executive Interview series, Chirag Shah, Head of India and APAC business at Nazara, explained all to MEF Minute…

A few weeks ago, Nazara struck a partnership with Stick Sports to develop a game featuring Virat Kohli.

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Consumer trust: real risks, richer rewards

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MEF’s recent Consumer Trust Summit in San Francisco saw mobile privacy experts and regulators from the US and Europe gather to discuss the issues of privacy and security in mobile. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing a series of podcasts and in-depth analysis on the issues discussed. Here Simon Bates, Policy & Initiatives Advisor for MEF shares an overview of the day – plus interviews with some of the day’s many speakers, including Infinite Convergence, Mozilla, AVG and KPMG.

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MEF member news: July 18

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Get the latest announcements from MEF Members across the mobile ecosystem globally in this weekly review of member news…
Millions of MasterCard card holders can now tap to pay in store direct from the phones.
Masterpass was previously available as a digital wallet for online purchases, but now the card network has made it useable for in-store contactless payments.

That’s five million merchant locations in 77 countries. MasterCard says more than 80 million accounts will be automatically enabled through issuing partners as the service rolls out. Dozens of banks have signed up including.

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Weekly mobile news round-up 15th July

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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world.

This week.. Google plans to train mobile app developers in India, Japan’s Line aims to raise £1 billion in IPO, the iOS App Store exceeds $71 billion, and much more. Google has unveiled a slew of initiatives to educate and certify students and developers as part of its Android skilling programme in India, which aims to train 2 million mobile app developers.

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Stats special: global messaging apps – part 1

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Messenger apps are changing the way the world communicates – and re-shaping the mobile market in the process. As part of MEF’s Future of Messaging programme, here is part one of an essential guide to ‘OTT apps’…

‘OTT’ messenger apps emerged in a sudden burst at the start of the noughties. Though BlackBerry’s BBM was launched in 2005, the dominant products of today (Line, Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook messenger etc) all launched between 2009 and 2011.

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Pokémon Go: how Nintendo ignored then won mobile gaming

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Nintendo is a stubborn company. For years it said a big ‘no’ to mobile games. But when it finally relented. its game sent millions of people into a frenzy. Tim Green reflects the obstinacy that gave rise to Pokémon Go…

By now, you’ll know all about Pokémon Go. Unless you’re been hiding under a bridge. And if you have been hiding under a bridge, you may well have been mistaken for a wild Pokémon and shot by one the the game’s players.

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The WhatsApp nation

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Rafael Pellon, MEF LatAm Board Member and partner at Focaccia, Amaral, Salvia, Pellon & Lamonica, here explores the ongoing issues surrounding the repeated blocking of hugely popular Whatsapp across Brazil, and the knock on effects this has had across the region and the mobile app ecosystem.

Almost a month since the 2nd wholesale blockage of WhatsApp in Brazil, Brazilians are starting to appreciate that WhatsApp has become nothing but essential.

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