Global mobile news round-up: 29 April

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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world.

This week.. Facebook soars on mobile ad revenues, iPhone sales flatline, India gets its first mobile only bank and much more.

Apple’s iPhone sales are flatlining, the tech company said on Tuesday, as it announced a sharp slowdown in sales growth for its top-selling mobile device.

The company sold 74.8m of its flagship devices in the final three months of 2015, below analysts’ expectations. In the same period in 2014 the company sold 74.46m iPhones, meaning sales were essentially flat.

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Mobile coupons: is their redemption finally at hand?

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Apple Wallet is so underexposed, even converts still call it Passbook. But it’s a potentially brilliant channel for saving and redeeming retail coupons. Tim Green wonders if ‘save to Wallet’ is finally about to become a thing …

This week, British shoppers of a certain age were moved by the news that department store BHS was going bust. Moved but not surprised. BHS is to the fast-evolving retail market as Chicory Tip is to hip hop. It’s the shop of the year. And the year is 1972.

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MEF Connects Nigeria in pictures

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Nigeria continues to exemplify how rapidly growing economies are embracing mobile to empower consumers. MEF’s recent Global Consumer Survey showed just how Nigerian consumers see their device as an essential part of everyday life with engagement levels with mobile services and content having grown by 50 per cent year-on-year for example.

As part of its ongoing pan-African presence, last week MEF CEO, Rimma Perelmuter, chaired a conference session at the Mobile West Africa Conference in Lagos.

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Spotlight on… PubMatic

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Last year, Pubmatic commissioned a market study by Forrester, which predicted that digital display ad spent would soar from $20 billion in 2015 to $38 billion by 2019.

Hurrah! Boom times ahead. But the big question is who will pocket the money?

Will it be the publishers? The ones who create the stories that drive much of the consumption of the ads? Or will it be the platforms – Facebook, Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Twitter – who host it?

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What is fueling the carrier billing market?

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Worldwide app store revenues were over $40bn in 2015, according to Statista, a figure that is forecast to increase to just over $100bn in 2020. Whilst carrier billing was responsible for just $3bn of this content in 2015, this figure is forecast to sky-rocket to more than $30bn by 2020.

Here, Sukey Miller VP of Marketing at MEF member, Bango, discusses the current state of the carrier billing market, which content categories dominate, and the influencing factors that will lead to growth of more than 10 times the current market value by 2020.

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Internet of Things: five tips to build trust in new services

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MEF’s recent report on IoT shows that consumers instinctively understand its value but are concerned about the consequences. Simon Bates offers five simple tips to ensuring a sustainable market that works for everyone.

What’s not to love about a world of everyday objects connected to each other and the internet? Keyless padlocks, next gen baby monitors, low cost home security systems – even ice cubes that know when you’ve drunk too much and text a friend to drive you home.

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Global Mobile News Round-up: 22nd April

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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world.

This week.. EU hits Google with 2nd anti-trust charge, UK report cites rising digital privacy concerns, Ghana & mobile democracy, plus many more mobile news stories from across the ecosystem.

The European Union charged Google on Wednesday with using its dominant Android mobile operating system to squeeze out rivals, opening a second front against the U.S. technology giant that could result in large fines.

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Micropayments didn’t work. Maybe nanopayments will

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Is it time for a new look at one of the web’s oldest and least successful ideas? Tim Green wonders if bitcoin can revive micropayments and save content from awful ads…

Have you ever had an http error 402? Probably not. The clever people who build the web created 402 as code that might eventually be used for digital cash or micropayments. But it never went any further and as of today it is officially ‘reserved for future use’.

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MEF Mobile Money eBulletin issue 5 now available for download

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The fifth quarterly edition of MEF’s Mobile Money eBulletin is now available for download. Packed with articles, news insights and analysis the free eBulletin examines the issues, trends and business models that are shaping the mobile money sector.

In this edition Carrier Billing is under the spotlight with insight on the market drivers that are helping to facilitate growth in new markets from Sukey Miller, VP of Marketing at MEF member, Bango.

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