Education focus: the tech experiment that could change learning forever

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Sugata Mitra couldn’t believe what happened when he left a computer in a slum: the children simply taught themselves. Now he is using his discoveries to revolutionise education.
How much can children learn when you just leave them alone?
It’s a question that’s been asked throughout the modern history of education – resulting in some famous experiments, like the free schools of the 1970s. These idealistic projects promised no compulsory lessons or indeed rules.

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Industry views: will consumers tap mobile payments this holiday season?

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Christmas is approaching and for most people that means one thing – lots of shopping. With schemes like Black Friday / Cyber Monday expected to smash all previous records, mobile payments have a significant role to play.

But beyond NFC payments the opportunity to engage consumers in loyalty and reward schemes, bring mPos in to play, check inventory etcetera, is helping position mobile right at the heart of an omni-channel retail

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MEF Connects Africa in pictures

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Check out a selection of photos from the fourth annual MEF Connects Africa, recently held during AfricaCom week in Cape Town.

The exclusive event, supported by Mozilla, Mahindra Comviva and Basebone was hosted in the penthouse suite of the luxurious Pepperclub hotel and brought together industry thought leaders for an evening of top level networking after a busy day at AfricaCom.

Thanks to our sponsors and guests – we hope you enjoyed a fantastic evening.

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Developing the mobile ecosystem in Africa

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There has been amazing growth in mobile internet access over the past few years and Africa is now primed to take advantage of the social and economic opportunities that mobile can bring to people across the continent. While connectivity is on the rise some challenges still remain for development, adoption and growth of the mobile ecosystem.

Here Andrew Fassnidge, founder and editor of pan-African news and events website, discusses in more detail what those challenges are. His full commentary along with insights from senior executives at Mahindra Comviva and Mondato as well as African market stats and news analysis can be read in MEF’s Regional Ebulletin – Africa Edition, which can be downloaded for free now.

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Mobile Market Stats Roundup: 23 November

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How many Americans will do their Christmas shopping on mobile? How many Android open source project handsets have shipped in emerging markets? And what is the global mobile eye-tracking market thought to be worth from 2015 to 2020?

You’ll find the answers to these and many more mobile data related questions in this week’s MEF market stats round up…

There will be a small rise in the numbers of US consumers buying from their phones this Christmas. A new study by INSIDE Secure says 39 per cent of US shoppers will shop inside mobile sites and apps as the gift buying season warms up. 33 per cent did so last year.

It also reveals that the 17 per cent who did not make holiday purchases with their mobile phone last year, will do so in 2015.
Other findings were: In store mobile payments are most popular with people aged 18-44. Sixty-four per cent versus 36 per cent of consumers aged 45 or older.

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Mobile privacy and data protection in Brazil

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Rafael Pellon, MEF LatAm advisor and partner at Focaccia, Amaral e Salvia Advogados, here explores the latest developments in the arena of digital privacy in Brazil, taking an in-depth look at the sweeping legal and regulatory changes coming into force as 180 million internet users become increasingly aware of the value of their personal data and those who might seek to exploit it.

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I don’t know what a smartwatch is for, and neither do you

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Have you seen the hordes of people using their smartwatches in public? Neither has Tim Green…

Before I start to get all smug about my accurate prediction that the Apple Watch would be a failure, let me get this out of the way first. I was the guy who said One Direction would have a single top ten hit, then never be seen again.

Amazingly, this middle-aged English male failed to gauge the musical preferences of the world’s 15 year old girls. How the heck did that happen?

But on Apple Watch, I fared better. When it was first unveiled, I felt out of step with almost everyone. The most enthusiastic fans said it would change the world. I couldn’t even see what it was for.

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Marketing communication

How digital innovation is changing the way companies engage with consumers

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Developments in digital marketing have changed the relationship between companies and consumers beyond all recognition in just a few short years. And the revolution will continue says Tony Pearce, CEO of games oriented social network and Meffys 2015 finalist, GRABr…
Communication with today’s consumer is a two-way street with the digital revolution to blame for the transformative shift. Digital innovation is laying the path for consumers to connect with brands in new ways often simplifying the path to purchase for a seamless, tailored experience.

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Online Identification and Security with Finger Pointing at Fingerprint

Tech focus: mobile and biometric authentication

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Heartbeat, iris, face, vein…every one is a potential identifier of you. So can biometric authentication rescue us from the hell of remembering passwords?
Passwords and PINs are a nightmare. Criminals can phish for them or use ‘brute force’ attacks to try millions of combinations in split seconds until they find the right one. Meanwhile, consumers are encouraged to use passwords composed of long strings of digits, which they inevitably forget.
According to a study from Cyber Streetwise, the average British consumer needs to recall 19 passwords to access all his or her logins for email, social networks, e-commerce and banking. It’s ridiculous. And it’s why so many people choose just one password and make it something memorable. Like ‘password’. Clearly, passwords are not the best solution for digital activity.

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