Weekly mobile news round-up: 24 June

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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world.

This week.. Facebook hits 100m hours of video a day, half of China is online, banks concerns over mobile security of PIN, Apple & Samsung wary over 2016 smartphone earnings and much more. Instagram has announced that it has reached the milestone of 500 million monthly users. That’s a commonly used metric that has its limitations when it comes to tracking just how engaged users are with a given app, but Instagram says that over 300 million of those people use the service every single day.

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Ten jargon-free ways to think about that LinkedIn deal

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Did you hear? Microsoft bought LinkedIn. Yes you did. But do you know why? Well, Tim Green has sifted through lots of plausible reasons so you don’t have to…

Last week Microsoft endorsed the skills of LinkedIn. It endorsed them so hard, it cost $26 billion.

Yes, you all know about this by now. Microsoft bought LinkedIn for a huge sum in an all-cash transaction. It was the second biggest acquisition in tech corporate history, and it was kept totally quiet. Not a single leak.

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How to succeed in China: highlights from MEF Connects Beijing

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You can’t succeed in China unless you have an unfair advantage. But if you do have one, the rewards are huge. That was the key take-away from experts at the recent MEF Connects China held during GMIC Beijing…

Thinking of expanding your business into China? Be careful. This is the advice from a VC that specialises in taking overseas companies into the region.

“95 per cent of companies do not belong here.”

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Reducing mobile payment friction to build music revenues in Nigeria

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Nigeria has a flourishing music scene. But, thanks to rampant piracy, its musicians don’t make the money they deserve. Now, MTN’s and Huawei’s Music+ service is giving Nigeria’s music-mad population a viable alternative to cheap illegal CDs.

MEF’s features editor Tim Green recently interviewed the service’s marketing manager Ebere Nzewi for MEF’s Africa eBulletin which also contains case studies, interviews a round-up of news from the region, information on VAS regulation in Nigeria, as well as market stats and an exclusive preview of MEF’s forthcoming Global Messaging Report which puts consumers in Nigeria and South Africa under the spotlight.

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Calling all African startups: four tips for partnering with a telco

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Creating a rewarding relationship with telcos can be challenging for mobile tech startups, especially in fast moving African markets. Here Adia Sowho, Director of Digital Business for Etisalat Nigeria shares some essential tips for forging a lasting, mutually beneficial partnership.

It is common knowledge that revenue pressure from OTTs (Over-The-Top) players, like Facebook and WhatsApp is eating into traditional mobile operator/telecommucations company (telco) revenue from minutes and megabytes.

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MEF member news round-up: June 20

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Get the latest announcements from MEF Members across the mobile ecosystem globally in this weekly review of member news…

Earlier this year, Alipay announced its intent to let millions of Chinese tourists pay with its wallet in Europe. Now, it’s happening – with help from Wirecard.

The European payments processor is switching on the Alipay app in 69 eurotrade airport shops. Wirecard has integrated Alipay barcodes into the retailer’s till system.

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Industry views: are businesses ready for the explosion in mobile user data?

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Fuelled by the growth in personal mobile connections, M2M, mobile apps and services data traffic is expected to see an almost ten-fold increase by 2019.

All of that connected activity means that businesses are swimming in mobile user data, a trend that is only set to continue as we move steadily toward a hyperconnected world of ubiquitous computing.

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Mobile advertising in China is closing in on America

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Rangar Kruse, CEO of Smaato shares insights into the state of mobile advertising in China, and reveals that China may soon overtake the US as the highest spending advertising market. We caught up with Ragnar at GMIC Beijing.

According to the Smaato Global Trends Report, the United States consistently takes the lead as the world’s largest advertising market. However, China’s recent explosive mobile advertising growth rate suggests that the world may soon have a new ad spend leader.

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Weekly mobile news round-up: June 17th

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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world. This week.. Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26bn, Asian brands dominate wolrd smartphone sales, all the news from the Apple Developer conference, and much more…

Microsoft is buying the professional networking website LinkedIn for just over $26bn (£18bn) in cash. The software giant will pay $196 a share – a premium of almost 50% to Friday’s closing share price. The deal will help Microsoft boost sales of its business and email software.

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Snap chat – Google, LG, Moto and the new breed of clip-together phones

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Modular phones are back! LG’s G5, Moto Z and Google’s Project Ara are reviving a concept that – OK – was probably never here in the first place. Will the pieces fall into place? Tim Green weighs the arguments…

Everyone agrees that phone design has become boring. They all look the same. They all do the same things.

So what would you like to do with your handset that you can’t do now?

Here’s an idea: how about using it to fire pepper spray into the eye of your mugger?

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