Mobile money in Mexico [infographic]

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Globally, mobile financial services are becoming the preferred way for consumers to perform an array of financial services or simply interact with their bank. This trend is particularly true of growth markets where mobile is the catalyst for financial inclusion.

This infographic from Amdocs and Ovum explores how and to what extent, different consumers in three LatAm countries (Mexico, Guatemala and Columbia) use mobile financial services.

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Mobile market stats round-up: 8 Feb

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Which mobile product has grown 400 million times over the past 15 years? And which company aims to have 5m of the world connected by 2030?
You’ll find the answers to these and many more mobile data related questions in this week’s MEF market stats round up… In 2001 there was barely any such thing as mobile data. Now, traffic is at 3.7 exabytes a month.
That’s the headline finding of Cisco’s Visual Networking Index. It reveals that the spiralling of mobile data traffic is nowhere near done. In fact, it grew 74 per cent in 2015, and could hit 30.6 exabytes a month by 2020.

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Global Mobile news round-up: 05 February 2016

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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world.

This week.. WhatsApp tops a billion monthly users, Microsoft buys Swiftkey for $250m, Google blocks the ad blockers and much more.Mobile messaging service WhatsApp is now used by a billion people every month, Facebook has reported.

The Facebook-owned app now outperforms the social network’s own Messenger mobile app, which has 800 million monthly users.

The company said 42 billion messages and 250 million videos were sent over WhatsApp daily.

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An exclusive glimpse behind the scroll wheel of the Apple Car

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The new Apple Car won’t have door handles and will be incompatible with all your other cars. But that won’t stop you wanting one. Tim Green takes a light-hearted look at Apple’s move into motoring…

The tech blogs have been buzzing for months about the prospect of the Apple Car. Apparently engineers have been leaving Tesla to go and work at Infinite Loop. And let’s face it, Apple desperately needs something new to reverse its fortunes.

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Automotive focus: Can your car be your mobile wallet?

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If automobiles are becoming a little like smartphones on wheels, why shouldn’t they make payments too?

At CES in 2015, Mark Fields, CEO of Ford, stood up and said: “We’re thinking of ourselves as a mobility company and not only a car and truck company. We want to be viewed as being part of this community.” At CES in 2015, Mark Fields, CEO of Ford, stood up and said: “We’re thinking of ourselves as a mobility company and not only a car and truck company. We want to be viewed as being part of this community.”

It was a bold claim, but a necessary one given the way consumers are feeling: research by Accenture says 39 per cent of the world’s drivers value connected tech higher than anything else when buying a new car. The same survey said just 14 per cent care most about power and handling.

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Biometric data: the next step in consumer authentication

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The way in which consumers verify their identity online is rapidly changing, a development being driven forward by biometric data. Carlos Häuser, MD at MEF Member Wirecard Technologies explains.
Consumers should probably not be too surprised if they soon find themselves being addressed as follows: “Dear customer, please turn on your webcam and have your ID at the ready. We will shortly conduct a brief ID check”. This kind of procedure may, for example, be introduced for opening an online account in order to verify a customer’s identity, thereby making the personal signature a thing of the past.

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