How Millennials Are Shaking Up Retail Commerce

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There is a revolution happening in retail, driven by the new expectations and habits of a uniquely tech-savvy generation. Founder and CEO of MEF Member InMobi, Naveen Tewari, explains how retailers can (and must) ready their business for the rise of the millennials.

Millennials are becoming retailers’ largest demographic in both population size and market influence with significant buying power due to their constant access to technology.

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Weekly mobile news round-up 29th July

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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world.

This week.. smartphone numbers return to growth, Europe heading cash free, global mobile gaming benefits from the Pokemon effect and much more.

During the second quarter of 2016, smartphone shipments saw a modest return to growth after a first quarter which saw the first ever year-over-year decline in worldwide smartphone sales, according to research firm Canalys.

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The nightmare of getting the shopping in

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After 10 years, m-commerce sites should be easy to use. If you think they are, find a nearby octogenarian and try online shopping with them…

Have you ever stopped to think about what it might be like to be over 80 and trying to use the internet?

Maybe you ARE an octogenarian. And therefore you are now using the internet. In which case, well done.

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5G is coming: here are 20 things you need to know

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Momentum is building towards the next generation of mobile networks. 5G will be lightning quick, and will also connected billions of ‘things’. Here is part one of your MEF guide to the mobile technology of the 2020s…

Earlier this month a consortium of European mobile operators pitched regulators with its plans for rolling out 5G. Its 5G Manifesto put a fresh focus on high speed mobile broadband. Not that 5G has ever lacked for attention.

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Connecting the mobile first: Syniverse in China

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In our Spotlight interview, we learned how Syniverse approaches security and privacy in the brand/consumer relationship globally. But how does the global transaction processor approach doing business in the uniquely challenging Chinese market?

We spoke with Dave Ratner, President of Enterprise Solutions during GMIC Beijing about Syniverse’ business in China and how the company enables brands and enterprises to “connect, engage, interact and protect” its mobile first customers.

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Weekly mobile news round-up 22nd July

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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world.

This week.. Japan buys ARM for $32 billion, Apple is making billions from Pokemon Go, China’s gamers are spending more on iOS than Americans, and much more.

Japan’s Softbank has agreed to acquire ARM Holdings, the giant U.K. semiconductor firm that supplies part of the chip design used in Apple iPhones, in a deal worth more than $32 billion, the companies announced on Monday.

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Would you like an app with your pint?

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Why should a bar owner take a punt on your mobile payment app if no customers are using it? A knotty problem. But still the startups come. Tim Green ponders a very overcrowded market…

I got a sobering email this week. It was from DropletPay, a British startup with an app for paying at local businesses.
The email effectively said: it’s the end – we’ve tried, but we can’t make it work.

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Spotlight on: Nazara

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Nazara is targeting India’s hundreds of millions of gamers with popular local IP and the best global brands. But it also has ambitious global plans. In our continuing Executive Interview series, Chirag Shah, Head of India and APAC business at Nazara, explained all to MEF Minute…

A few weeks ago, Nazara struck a partnership with Stick Sports to develop a game featuring Virat Kohli.

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Consumer trust: real risks, richer rewards

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MEF’s recent Consumer Trust Summit in San Francisco saw mobile privacy experts and regulators from the US and Europe gather to discuss the issues of privacy and security in mobile. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing a series of podcasts and in-depth analysis on the issues discussed. Here Simon Bates, Policy & Initiatives Advisor for MEF shares an overview of the day – plus interviews with some of the day’s many speakers, including Infinite Convergence, Mozilla, AVG and KPMG.

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